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R. Albino Rota, 80 - 01 - Nossa Sra. da Salete, Concórdia - SC, 89700-310 - Brazil


+55 (49) 93300-5520


Be the owner of your own business, working from the comfort of your home with flexible hours.


Increase your portfolio by reselling our system.


Have monthly recurring income.

Marketing of relationship

Two ways to win

We combine traditional direct selling, which now happens in traditional software companies through resellers, with relationship marketing to reach the best affiliate program.

Today you are part of our program affiliates, you earn monthly recurring commission on monthly fees paid by your customers (direct sales) and earns monthly recurring commission on the monthly fee paid by customers of your referrals (indirect sale - chain).

How do I join the affiliate program?

To become a vimbo affiliate, you have no cost and no fees, it is completely free.
Follow the steps below, if you have any questions you can contact one of our affiliates or send us an email.

Become a partner

Register for free on the vimbo.

Affiliate APP

Install the vimbo affiliate APP for free.

Indicate the system

Resells the vimbo system to customers.

Get commission

Ensure your percentage on the sale as soon as your direct and indirect indication makes payment.

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