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Saves Time and Money

With the inheritance system of tax configuration of the accountant, we reset the rework in configuring for each client and reducing to zero the possibility of errors in the issuance of tax documentation, allowing the entrepreneur and accountant to have time to do what is more important, to grow in the Marketplace.


Increase your portfolio by reselling our platform.


Have an increase in your monthly income, indicating or managing an active customer portfolio on our platform.

Simplify the day-to-day of your accounting office.

We know that time is of the essence for you, accountant, and that you spend a lot of that time to get the correct information from your customers on time or that with each new company, you need to create tax parameters. With that in mind, we created our partnership program for accountants, in the “refer and win” affiliate format. With Vimbo, you make your daily life easier by extracting tax and financial information directly from the management system of the companies you serve. The best part is that you are paid for it, just indicate the system to your customers. It doesn't matter if you work in an accounting office or independently, you can be a partner accountant!

Centralized parameterization

We have centralized tax parameterization by accountant, where we define tax details in the following ways

  • NCM, intended for sales operations.
  • Nature of operations, intended for other types of operations, such as shipping, return, returns and etc ...
  • Types of service.
  • Item types.
  • Additional information, informed in the tax documentation.

Through integration, your customer starts to inherit all your settings, and eliminating all the bureaucracy and waste of time with this process, which is usually continuous, and you still won't have to wait for your customer's documents to be sent, simply by downloading it. all tax documentation.

Some functional features that you will gain by integrating your account with your client's account.

  • Full access to company information, when you need it.
  • Create tax parameters in your base, to be used by your customers.
  • Update of tax and instant parameterizations for all your customers.
  • Personalized service and training.

Eliminate errors and refractions with accounting integrated with your customer.


How do I join the affiliate program?

To become a vimbo affiliate, you have no cost and no fees, it is completely free.
Follow the steps below, if you have any questions you can contact one of our affiliates or send us an email.

Become a partner

Register for free on the vimbo.

Affiliate APP

Install the vimbo affiliate APP for free.

Indicate the platform

Resell the vimbo platform to customers.

Get commission

Ensure your percentage on the sale as soon as your direct and indirect indication makes payment.

Sign up now and start making more money from your customer base

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