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Why choose the stamp

Vimbo is betting on the highest technology to make the user experience even more complete and does not cease to offer robust solutions that allow the management of different departments of an organization.


  • Free registration.
  • Scalability with the vimbo store, hire and pay only for what you use and hire new modules as your company grows.
  • Mobility, access 100% online via browser or mobile application and through desktop systems (windows, linux and IOS). All data always at hand.
  • Automations, we use technology to automate complex processes and make the whole process easy and intuitive.
  • Usability designed for all user profiles, from basic to advanced levels.
  • Connectivity with your accountant.
  • Inheritance of the fiscal and tax configuration of the linked accountant.
  • Clear view of the information needed to make smart decisions.
  • Highly fast and specialized support, with accountants on your team.
  • Batch file operations.


  • Low cost of infrastructure, equipment and zero server costs.
  • Automatic backup of your information on our server network.
  • Information security similar to that of large banks.
  • Automatic updates, giving you constant improvements and new features.

With the Vimbo system, you will have some significant reductions.

  • Error reduction, through automation of approximately 99.9%
  • Cost savings of more than 90%
  • Reduction of time spent searching and / or recreating lost and poorly archived documents by 100%

Remember that the software should help your company's day-to-day life!
So don't waste time on other systems that don't fit your needs.
Come and be part of the group of happy customers from Vimbo and get to know our MMS ideology (mobility, modularity and scalability) in Portuguese MME.

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