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We redefine scalability

With the vimbo store, you stay in control to install the app as you need it, making your work environment cleaner and more organized, at a lower cost on the market.

We came up with the premise that the customer must pay On demand, not for pre-fixed plans and that almost everything is not always used.
With this, we managed to make the small entrepreneur spend only what is necessary and have the same applications as large enterprises.

Regardless of the size of the company, both will pay only for what they use.

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  • Free Registration.
  • Payment by application and consumption.
  • Easy installation and uninstallation.
  • Free Apps.
  • Most organized work area, only the APPs you are using.
  • Scalability, at every company demand, an APP can be installed.

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What customers say about us

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We believe every business owner deserves success. It deserves to accomplish, to conquer and to evolve. We know that day by day is not easy. That is why we exist. To take small companies more organization, control and time. We use technology to simplify what is complex and bureaucratic in a platform where the accountant, business owner, and developer work together. The challenges of having a business are many but with the vimbo you have the freedom to overcome them.

There are several APP/features to make your day to day uncomplicated.

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